4-5 November 2022


In the 21st century, all discussions and debates gained new dimensions leading to new processes. In addition to the problems that already existed, we are now required to find answers to new problems. For the future of humanity, we need to ask challenging questions and seek answers and ask questions that have not yet been explored.

The Politics and New Paradigms in the 21st Century Forum will welcome attendees from all over the world. We believe that this forum will contribute to the understanding of contemporary politics, increase our ability to foresee the future and will contribute to the development of new theories and strategies.

The topics for discussion  at the forum are as listed under the following headlines:  

1.Political Culture and Changing Trends

  • Populism: The effect of populism on politics, the rise of populism, the difference between societal politics and populist politics, popular leadership
  • Rights and Freedoms: The changing perception of the balance between rights and freedom and freedom and security, new generational rights
  • Political Communication: The effect of information technology on politics and political communication

2.The State and Political Systems

  • Political Units: The meaning of state and nationality in the 21st century
  • Political Parties: The future of political parties, new models of political organization
  • Political Pluralism: Political participation, representation, the culture of arbitration and consensus, election systems
  • Ideologies: Have they diminished? What have ideologies evolved into? If there is no ideology, what happens to the sphere of political philosophy?
  • How have political distinctions such as nationalism, conservatism, socialism, liberalism and Islamism been affected by this century?
  • How does globalization affect society and the state?


  • Which ways are political leaders and leadership understandings changing?
  • Civil Society and Leadership

 4.Political Identity

  • Are political identities dissolving? What are the new components of identity? The positive and negative effects of political identity, the effect of ethnic, religious and sectarian movements on politics, the differentiation and libertarian dimensions of political identity, cultural siege that affects identities

5.Social Change and Technology

  • How are social ideas changing? How is political sociology affected by changing social ideas?
  • Does technology strengthen or diminish identities? What affect does environments created by technology have on identity formation?

 6.Politics, Media and Social Media

  • The relationship between media and ethics
  • The affect media and social media have on politics
  • Virtual communities and democracy
  • Digital activism and virtual space

7.Religion, Politics and Ethics

  • Headlines in the 21st century concerning religion
  • Institutional centers in the Christian world and its impact on politics
  • New religious movements in the 21st century and their effect on politics
  • The reasons of radicalization and its consequences
  • Problems of the post-human age, biogenetic research

The Politics and New Paradigms in the 21st Century Forum will be held on 4-5 November 2022 at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus. Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus is in Şişli/Harbiye which is located 43 km from the airport.