Political scientist, academic and columnist Prof. Dr. Atilla Yayla is a lecturer at Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Political Science and Public Administration. The pioneering founder of the Liberal Thought Society Association, Atilla Yayla served as the board minister of the group until 2009. He has written many books on political ideologies and systems, democracy, human rights, justice, economic systems and policies, terrorism. He completed his BA in Economics at Ankara University and his masters at the same university in public administration. Prof. Atilla Yayla also completed his PhD at Ankara University in political science. He transferred from Hacettepe University, where he was an associate professor, to Gazi University as a professor in 2000, where he taught undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses on politics, democracy and history. In 2009, he was appointed as the founding director of Plato Vocational School. In 2016, Yayla moved to Medipol University and acted as the Head of Department at Istanbul Ticaret University Political Science and International Relations. Professor Atilla Yayla has attended London University and George Mason University as a visiting scholar.