Prof. Hasan Basri Yalçın is a faculty member of Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences. During the years 2013-2021, he worked as a faculty member at Istanbul Commerce University Department of International Relations. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 2004 from Beykent University International Relations Department. He completed his Master’s degree at Koç University with his thesis, “Alliance Formation under the Unipolar Structure” in 2006 and his PhD at the University of Cincinnati in Political Sciences with his thesis, “The Struggle for Autonomy: A Realist Theory of International Relations” in 2011. 

Prof. Yalçın has been conducting researches and has publications on international relations theory, international security and strategy, NATO and philosophy of social sciences. 

He worked as a researcher and a director in various foundations and think tanks. Since 2018, he has assumed the duty of counsellor within The Presidency’s Directorate of Communications. He is the chairman of Turkish Studies Foundation and also columnist in the newspaper Sabah.