Prof. Tahsin Görgün’s main fields of interest include fiqh method, history of Islamic thought, various subjects of philosophy such as language, knowledge, morality, history, politics, science, society, and Qur’an studies, Ottoman-Western relations, Ottoman influence on the West, German idealist philosophy, and hermeneutics. He completed his undergraduate education at Ankara University Faculty of Theology with, “Elmalı Hamdi Yazar’ın Görüşleri ve İlim Felsefesi’ (Elmalı Hamdi Yazar’s Views and Philosophy of Science”. Görgün received his PhD in fiqh and philosophy with his thesis titled “Sprache, Andlung und Norm” (Language, Behavior and Judgment) at Freie Universität Berlin. Upon his return to Türkiye, he began working as a researcher at ISAM (Center for Islamic Studies) in 1995. Between 2005 and 2007 he worked at Frankfurt Goethe University and Vienna University as a visiting scholar. He has been head of Philosophy Department at 29 Mayıs University since 2010.